Would You Let This Guy Drive..???

Unbelievable Scenes…

The Question still stands…..Would You Let This Guy Drive..???

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Best Practices For Piloting Your Own Craft/Powerboat

Get to Know Your Boat’s Reactions
Get to know your boat’s unique reactions to your commands when you turn to port or starboard in forward and reverse. What is the pivot-point of the boat? Knowing this will help you in mooring and unmooring. Also, how long does it take your boat to stop when you bring the throttles to neutral?

Practice Approaching an Object
Once you get a feel for your boat, drop a cushion float or life ring in the water, and then practice approaching it. Start slow at first, and then increase your speed as you gain confidence. Next, see how close you can get to the object without touching it, and if you can control whether the life ring runs along the port or starboard side.

If you wish to know more on how to safely Pilot your own craft: Check out the rest of this post and website About Sports,

Or at Wiki MotorBoats


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