Who was in The Wrong…???

Seriously Bad Drivers Caught On Camera….

In the Clips Below it contains late exits- under taking-traffic chaos-  failure to give way-

motorway madness-and shocking queue jumping+ road rage And  super cars Just to ADD to the Mix.

It just demonstrates, On Camera how bad some peoples Driving is, and how inconsiderate they can be to other road users.

This is a comment Posted by GOBIT about the clip,

In that video the camera car is ignoring not one but TWO lanes to the left (managed motorway, hard shoulder can be driven on) so the driver is just as bad as the skoda. At 11:50:26 on the camera clock they should have been safely past the black car and should have moved over to the left again as the road is clear for a long distance – 40 seconds of driving before starting to pass the Skoda should have been in the left hand lane as it was clear (and can be seen to be clear for a good while ahead). Note this is NOT undertaking (which is moving to the left to pass a vehicle and then moving back right again) – you can stay in the left and pass a car fine


Watch, Learn and Above All…….Enjoy,


Below you’ll find the NEXT Button to take you to the Final Clip…. This is UNBELIEVABLE


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