What Is Defensive Driving??

Unbelievably Stupid Driving…

These guys are very lucky, due to other people making quick judgement calls,

It dosent always work out this way, but quick thinking and lightening reactions save the day in most of the cases,

But we shouldn’t have to, but there are just Those Kind Of Drivers on the road.

We all have to look out all the time,

  • What are people doing ….?
  • In the clip on the next page you’ll see.
  • Seriously bad overtaking,
  • Insecure loads, Quite funny actually..
  • Stupidity @ 1min 14 Unbelievable overtaking
  • Bad lane discipline , Very annoying ..
  • And @4.mins 29 some serious Defensive driving. Lucky escape.

Sorry about the swearing…

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The idea of Defensive driving is designed to heighten your awareness of everything happening around you whilst driving.

If you start developing these habits early and realize that every time you get in a car there is risk involved, you increase your chances that you won’t be involved in a collision.

A driver who practices defensive driving has learned to control his emotions and is not easily affected by other drivers who may exhibit bad driving behavior and practices.

A defensive driver is ever watchful and careful. He/she is one who can quickly identify and predict potential road problems and then immediately decide and act appropriately to avoid dangers and accidents.


This is an example of Bad defensive driving, its big enough, should have been aware..

railway crossing crash




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