Truck Driving In Kensington London

This Is How Tight It Gets In London

This clip gives you a Birds eye view of what its like to drive a rigid truck around london,

Stick with the clip and see if you can keep up with just how many times he checks his Mirrors…

And that isn’t as much as you need to for the HGV Test.

This is a brilliant clip of how to navigate around london safely with a truck.

Notice how far out he needs to swing to come out of a side road, always watching for traffic on both sides of the road,

Rarely have i seen car drivers use there mirrors even a quarter of the time.

This guy in the 8mins 54secs of footage Nails the very short but perilous journey made through the Heart of London Town.

Watch the Clip On The NEXT Page, Truck Driving In Kensington London

Watch how Tight it gets for him in London


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