Now That Shits OverLoaded…

Overloaded Trucks !!!

Why you would want to drive something like that, Sooo overloaded i have no idea,

No Brakes, no steering……No Sense..

And some of them even need a hand pulling the front down, Not good.

Im glad I’m not the drivers of these Unstable vehicles,

But its fun to Watch..

Enjoy the Clip below, Now That Shits OverLoaded… watch and learn how NOT to do it…


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The absence of checking overloading of trucks in Himachal Pradesh by the state government has become a matter of concern.
These trucks are not only flouting the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, but also resulting in fatal accidents daily. In the past few years, these trucks have damaged the state and national highways and government agencies like traffic police and the Transport Department have become a mute spectator.
Trucks carrying cement, clinker, tiles and steel are flouting the provisions of the Act in the state and carrying load more than the prescribed limit of nine tonnes.


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In The USA


Dealing With An Overweight Ticket

He does not do any of this but does tell me I am getting a ticket and it is for $465. I am to pay it by this date or go to jail. I tell him I will not pay this ticket and if my employer does not, I will be in this area on the date specified and I will look forward to him giving me a ride to his fine accommodations for a night or two in jail. I am tired of the truck driver being the blame for everything and putting up with this crap for trying to do our job.

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