Golf Cart Crash….

Have You Ever…

And if you have….WHY???

Watch the clip below and see what some people have been doing with there golf carts,

We get given the key at the golf course, and suddenly grow a pair….

Why is it this is now more important than the Golf??

They are funny little cars, that can be extremely good fun….In the right hands

Watch the clip Below and learn

Golf Car Crash….

These Puppies sell for ALOT of Money!!!!!




Ezgo Shuttle 2+2 Petrol & Electric
Ezgo Shuttle 2+2 Petrol & Electric
Used approx 8 weeks Ezgo shuttle 2+2 Petrol & Electric 4 seat, fitted with on – board charger, battery filling kit, Rear golf bag holder.

2 years manufacturers warranty

Electric £4750.00 + VAT
Petrol £3950.00 + VAT


I hope you enjoyed this as much as i did posting it…
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