Car Crashes….

Uk Car Crashes…. Unbelievable….


Unbelievable Moment, when you realise your in the wrong place and time ….

Inevitable Crash scenes.

These are the people we all need to avoid,

Maybe these kind of people should have to put a bumper sticker on there car, RETRAINING…

In fact, thats not a bad idea…

This is some really bad driving, and road rage.

  • The incident at 50 secs really deserved THAT ….
  • At 2mins 21secs, the sign says all the lanes move to the left plus the temporary road markings show you were the road lanes are.

If they  still can’t see this then I suggest they give up your licence…..


Watch the clip below and enjoy..



Amazing What can happen when you don’t pay attention, on the Next page



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