Car Crash UK

Unbelievable Driving Skills

Why would they STOP, there…??

Somethings people amaze me with there careless driving,

And further on in the clip,

What was he doing on the wrong side of the Road….?

These muppets are all around us,

Proper got to keep your eyes peeled,

Thats why the dash cams in this clip I’m sure were invaluable to the people involved.

Car Crash uk, really show how bad some people drive…

The first clip appears to be of Insurance Fraud, with Evidence….

Watch the clip below and reach your own Verdict.

No Stopping on the Highway Please….

On the Next Page Below, you Wont Believe The Stupidity of some Drivers,

If this wasn’t a Crash For CASH, I don’t know what is… Check it out

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