Bad Car Parking, Examples…

Bad Parking In London…

Some people can be very inconsiderate and thoughtless when Parking.

I appreciate that some times were in a MAD rush to get parked,

But i think that the clip on the NEXT page shows how, Not to do it.

If someone had parked this badly and there was no other spaces,

You would feel a little agitated at the driver,

Especially if your at a place that doesn’t have a quick turn around of cars, i.e. Doctors or Hospital.

In these cases i fully believe in a ticket being issued, to make the person think next time.

There is no excuse for Bad Parking,

If you feel they that there  not confident at any kind of parking,

There are schools out there that can help,

This would also boost there confidence and hopefully make them a better driver.

Watch the Clip On The NEXT Page and enjoy…

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