Australians Doing It Right !!!

Unbelievable Driving And Unawareness.

These guys are going at it all the time,

Brilliant to watch,

What were some of these people thinking,

In these Videos, at least two dozen times drivers are entering intersections before the light turns green.

There trying to anticipate the changing of the lights instead to waiting for it to change, causing accidents.

Like Rolling a dice,

All of these accidents were avoidable with the implementation of common sense.

And awareness of whats going on around you, instead of only being concerned with where you next need to be.

We all need to take a look at how bad some of these drivers are.

And how fortunate we are that all of them had DashCams, other wise we would be reading the written word about the situation instead of watching it.

Without further ado.

Click the NEXT Button to watch Australians Doing It Right !!!

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