Australians Bad Drivers…

This Is Unreal Driving/ Australia…

This could be a scene from anywhere in the world, Unbelievable Driving.

No sense, No Idea.Every day Driving, Australians Bad Drivers…


          Before we delve into the worst driving habits witnessed in the (Not So) Lucky Country, mitigating circumstances should be presented for the defence.

The blinkered approach to speeding by Australian politicians – and in turn Australian police – means motorists in this country have effectively been bullied into being inferior drivers.

So here, in no particular order, are some of the worst examples of driving pretty much seen in the modern Western world….

The Fast Lane Hog
Also know as Mr Righteous (and possibly why they think they can occupy the right-hand lane permanently). There are typically two scenarios. One, they’re in the right lane with nothing to their left, and they either eventually realise they have a car filling their rear view mirror and belatedly move over. Or they are driving parallel with a car in the right lane and either overtaking at one millimeter per hour or just stubbornly staying there – believing you have no right to pass just because you’re going faster.

The Freeway Stalker
The car ahead is ambling along on the freeway under the speed limit, and you overtake them. You move back into the left lane with plenty of clearance … and then wonder why you’re not pulling away from them. You try a burst of acceleration to bridge a gap but the car behind just follows suit without ever overtaking.


The I-Don’t-Know-How-Fast-I-Want-To-Travel driver
A variation of The Stalker, though this driver actually decides they don’t like being overtaken, and repass you … only to then back off further up the road. Your set cruise control then inevitably means you catch that car up again and – you guessed it – sees the need for you to indicate and overtake again. Repeat process.

Straight-line Hero
Driving fast along a winding road takes skill; driving fast along a straight road doesn’t. Some motorists, however, believe they’re giving the impression of being Formula One material by charging along up behind you on a busy two-way road, yet disappear from your rear view mirror as soon as a series of bends come into play.

The Queue Jumper
The warning signs that motorists need to blend into two from three lanes are placed far in advance, and most drivers make smooth and timely lane changes accordingly… yet there’s plenty who just can’t resist the temptation to accelerate down to where the lane ends and then try to force their way into the line of traffic – slowing the traffic that was otherwise moving at a consistent pace.Source

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Luckiest Drivers In The World, 

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Most of the driver could be found anywhere in the World.

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